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We help small businesses build their online presence with carefully designed business websites optimized for mobile devices.

small business website design

We offer

Custom Websites for Small Business Owners

We cover all the technical aspects that come with the process of creating a website, you don’t have to worry about searching for a hosting provider, creating your email address, etc.

Our website design services include hosting service, domain registry, Google Analytics implementation, basic search engine optimization, fast loading time and mobile responsive design.


Sell your products online with credit card payments using the most popular payment processing platforms like PayPal or Stripe. An e-commerce site is perfect for your online selling business plans.

Hosting Service

We host your website in a server that offers a great user experience and with the low tendency of having technical issues. In fact, our website is hosted in the same server and we don’t have technical issues or slow loading time, do we?

Custom Design

We want to make the perfect web design for your business, if you have a mockup of your ideal website, features you would like to have, images and fonts or even a template you liked, we will be happy to take that into consideration.

We specialize in Small Business Website Design

One of the main features we offer for small business owners is the basic optimization for search engines like Google so your site can appear in organic search rankings for long-tail keywords (more specific but less popular searches).

We mainly use a wide selection of premium WordPress templates that are previously tested by us to ensure great technical performance, image and fonts availability, unique elements, optimized mobile version, etc.

The greatest benefit of WordPress it’s that you can easily integrate a shopping cart into your business’s website and start selling your products online to your clients. It’s also easier to measure the user’s clicks in several calls to action using Google Analytics and make digital marketing plans to increase sales.

Whether you need an e-commerce site, a landing page or a site to publish blog posts, we can help you to have a website with stunning design, strong branding, quality content and fresh content that will connect with your potential clients.

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Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System used for e-commerce sites, landing pages, and many other types of businesses. There are many beautiful templates specifically designed for online stores that make clean websites.

From images to fonts and custom elements and features, the flexibility to turn your website into an international e-commerce site with thousands of visits is great compared to other platforms.

More importantly, most templates have a great visual appearance in both desktop and mobile devices no matter what elements or images you use.


Why hire us?

Although we are not a design company, we understand that small business web design can be expensive when hiring a design agency, however, we offer affordable plans that will help your business to connect with your potential customers online.

As a Technical SEO Agency, we have valuable experience in optimizing websites for search engines, our know-how allows us to create a website that is ready for the world we live in a.k.a mobile-first index and we take care of all the aspects that can impact your rankings.

You don’t need to worry about paying for a hosting plan, we offer free hosting services in our business web design services. The server in which your site will be hosted in can support a high number of visits from users and unlimited MB storage.

We also include 1-year registration for your new .com domain. We make sure that your website integrates into your business plan and you can promote it in your social media channels to increase the number of visits it gets, no matter which type of business you are.


Take a look at some of the websites we have made.

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