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We are Wolfate, a boutique agency that offers specialized SEO consultancy for web migrations and organic traffic drops.

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We are Wolfate

We are not a typical digital marketing agency, we are classified as one of the top SEO companies in Mexico and expect to achieve the same results by being on the top consulting companies in Canada.
Google’s algorithms change constantly and our SEO strategies adapt to those changes. Digital marketing agencies are not always 100% focused on SEO due to their multi-channel services. An SEO agency is fully commited to its client’s organic search success.

Our SEO approach is strategical, taking your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats into consideration to increase your business’s organic visibility in search engines. Our search engine optimization process can be summarized as:

Web Migrations

We offer guidance and support before, during and after a web migration to avoid a negative SEO impact that could result in loss of organic traffic and rankings.

Organic Traffic Drops

We analyze and identify the cause of the loss in organic traffic, whether it’s a Google update, web migration, unexpected changes, etc. and give recommendations so it can be recovered.

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Are you an SMB?

Additional Services

These services are specifically offered to small businesses that can’t afford a long-term investment in SEO and need immediate results with a positive ROI.

Small Business Website Design

The first step for building your online presence is making your website. And not just a simple Wix website, but a good-looking, fast and easy to use website that will help you get new clients.

We have affordable pricing plans for SMBs wanting to start building their online presence.

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small business website design

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From media websites like Marketing4Ecommerce that chose us as one of the best SEO agencies in Mexico, to companies like SEMrush with whom we worked together in their conference in Mexico during their LATAM tour.

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