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We are Wolfate, an agency that offers specialized SEO consultancy for web migrations and organic traffic drops.

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We are Wolfate

We are not a typical digital marketing agency, we are classified as one of the top SEO companies in Mexico due to our boutique approach to SEO consultancy in scenarios like web migrations and organic traffic drop assessment.

While working with Wolfate, you won’t be workin with an account manager or junior SEOs but rather a 1-on-1 consultancy with Wolfate’s founder: Carlos Castro. SEO Consultant currently based in Mexico helping business across North America in complex SEO projects.

Web Migrations

We offer guidance and support before, during and after a web migration to avoid a negative SEO impact that could result in loss of organic traffic and rankings.

Organic Traffic Drops

We analyze and identify the cause of the loss in organic traffic, whether it’s a Google update, web migration, unexpected changes, etc. and give recommendations so it can be recovered.

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Specialized Services

Web Migrations

Whether you are planning to undergo a domain migration, change of web structure or redesign, it’s important to avoid negative impacts like a loss of organic rankings and traffic.

We work with you before, during, and after your web migration to plan, monitor and validate your new website’s overall SEO optimization and rankings.

Organic Traffic Drops

When a web migration goes wrong it’s possible that your website’s rankings decrease for any number of reasons. By assessing the migration process we work with you to identify what went wrong and work together on fixing it as soon as possible.

Another possible cause for an organic traffic drop is a manual action or being hit by a Google’s Algorithm update. In this case, assessing the website’s content, authority and E-A-T is fundamental to identify the cause of a decrease in rankings.

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Additional services

These services are focused on small businesses that aren’t yet suitable for an investment in an SEO strategy. For those small businesses we can help them to build a website and, if possible, promote their business’ products and services with Google Ads campaigns.

Web Design

Whether you are a small coffee shop, clothing store, or any type of new business, you need to have a website so customers can find you online and, in some cases, buy your products directly on your website.

From a simple business landing page to a full e-commerce website, we have affordable web design service plans specifically designed for small businesses.

Everything from domain registration to hosting will be taken care of by us so you can focus on growing your business.

Google Ads Campaigns

Many small businesses can’t afford a long-term investment in an SEO strategy due to high costs and high competition. However, promoting your business’ products with Google Ads campaigns is an alternative that can work for you.

The great advantage is that you can see short-term results within your budget restrictions and you can slowly grow your business’ sales.

We take care of the account setup, website tracking, campaign configuration, monitoring and results analysis.

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From media websites like Marketing4Ecommerce that list us as one of the best SEO agencies in Mexico, to companies like SEMrush with whom we worked together in their conference in Mexico City during their LATAM tour.

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